Diagnostic service package

This option offers periodic evaluation of dynamic behaviour of the machines supervised by our stationary systems. The system registered data is analysed every 3 or 6 months and the dynamic machine performance is evaluated for irregularities and possible remedies.
For steam turbines, the diagnostic service package includes evaluation of turbine and generator on grounds of measurement results; additionally, the assessment of generator barrel and oil pipeline vibrations using portable equipment is carried out.

Our programme of diagnostic testing and analytical evaluation includes:

  • system registered data survey and analysis
  • determination of total vibration values for rated load and with additional load,
  • determination of shaft movement spectra and trajectory on grounds of system registered vibration data,
  • determination of cascades of signal time characteristics or signal spectra during machine starting-up and shutting down.
  • determination of displacement path of the shaft in its bearing during starting-up and shutting down,
  • amplitude and phase analysis of vibration signal harmonics
  • statistics of events for the analysed period,
  • checking generator barrel for vibrations in typical configurations - typically 22 measurement points (requires visit of service team),
  • checking of oil pipeline vibrations (requires visit of service team).

For the two latter measurements, portable measuring equipment is used for measurement and analysis of vibrations. All dynamic evaluations of the machine performance follow the criteria and guidelines of the following standards:

  • ISO 10816 Mechanical vibration – Evaluation of machine vibration by measurements on non rotating parts.
  • ISO 7919 Mechanical vibration of non reciprocating machines - Measurements on rotating shafts and evaluation criteria.
  • machine maker specifications

Transfer of data from the users of our systems to TECHNICAD facility can be made in several ways, depending on practical aspects and technical resources.

Since our service engineer needs not visit the machine user, the service cost can be kept to minimum while the system user himself/herself can decide about sharing or transfer of data. The most technically advanced data transfer method uses remote on-line data sharing. On prior notice by phone to the machine or data owner, TECHNICAD engineer can access the data base via the internet. While this method is the most transparent for the machine user, it requires some additional installations (permanent internet connectivity, FTP server and a fire wall protection) to secure safe communication over the global network. In an alternative more time consuming solution, requiring also permanent internet connectivity and, additionally, certain computer skills, the machine user can copy the data from the machine data base directly to the remote FTP server installed at TECHNICAD’s premises. A third and most safe method of data transfer is to copy the data on CD and to post it to TECHNICAD.

Relatively small data files, containing fragments of data base relating only to, e.g. machine starting-up or shutting down can be sent to TECHNICAD by electronic mail.

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